Tour Auditions

Announcing AUDITIONS for Saltworks Theatre Company SOCIAL ISSUES TOUR

Dynamic, interactive, and inspiring dramas for children and youth addressing issues of
alcohol and drug use, bullying, nutrition and exercise, and self worth. We do not evangelize or proselytize through our shows, but our plays reflect Christian values.


Our social issue plays have toured since 1983 and been seen by over 2 1/2 million people. Each play is based on Judeo-Christian values. Saltworks is a faith-based, non-sectarian, educational organization and does not proselytize through its programming. Saltworks’ other programming includes a Young Actors Studio and Young Company performances, and Community Impact Plays.


The primary touring area for school assemblies is Western Pennsylvania, with additional performances throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, West Virginia, New York, and Maryland. Approximately 150 school assembly performances are presented during the school year by a five member tour, consisting of three men and two women. They average two school assemblies a day.


Compensation is paid for all rehearsals, performances, and administrative duties. Per diem and lodging is provided for all overnights.


Employment is part-time from September through May with a mid-tour break. The daily touring schedule varies widely, but most days begin and end at the Saltworks office in the Bellevue/Avalon section of Pittsburgh, PA. A typical day begins at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.


Auditions are held at various campuses and colleges. Private auditions can be arranged at the Saltworks Office 412.621.6150 ext. 201 located in Pittsburgh, PA. Video taped auditions are accepted. Include two monologues – one dramatic and one comedic, a bio, recent head shot, and two professional references.


Touring actors are required to live in the Pittsburgh area. We recommend actors relocate one week prior to start of rehearsals.


Rehearsals will start at the beginning of September and are generally held from 8:30-4:00, and will include training on social issues, question and answer sessions, and non-performance jobs as well as participation in team-building activities.


After the rehearsal period ends, the tour is on the road without a director or stage manager. School assembly shows and accommodations are booked through the office, but the actors serve as crew, driver, stage manager, etc. Each tour member is assigned a non-performance job, but all members work together as a team. They are responsible to maintain good working relationships with each other and communication with the tour manager. Because of the physical and emotional demands of touring for school assemblies, all tour members must be in good health.


After each school assembly performance, a brief question and answer time is held during which students are free to ask any question about the show or the actors personally. Actors are coached on how to handle difficult questions. If time allows after the school assembly is over, the tour is expected to seek opportunities to interact with the students (i.e. speaking individually to students, eating lunch with the students, asking to speak to a class). It is imperative that the actors have a heart for young people and that their personal lives match up with the values projected in the school assembly plays.


All perspective employees will be asked to sign a Statement of Integrity, stating their personal standards regarding alcohol and tobacco use, etc. 

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