We are now accepting requests for auditions for the 2024-2025 school year!

If you would like to request an audition, please email a headshot, resume, and three professional references to Trevor Buda at Questions about the position can also be sent to that email address.

Auditions will take place at our office in Pittsburgh and will consist of a brief (less than one minute) comedic monologue suited for an elementary school audience and a brief dramatic monologue suited for a high school audience as well as some interview questions. We may also ask you to perform cold reads from our current scripts. If you are auditioning from a distance we can arrange to meet virtually rather than in person.

Tour Actor Job Description:


This is a paid, part time, non-equity contract that takes place over the course of a school year (September-May). The five person tour performs several different social issue plays for K-12 school assemblies.


Our social issue plays have toured since 1983 and have been seen by over 2 ½ million people. 


Employment is part-time from September through May with a mid-tour break. The daily touring schedule varies widely, but most days begin and end at the Saltworks office in Avalon, PA. Overnight travel is very occasionally required but the majority of calls are local and take place on weekdays between 6am and 4pm.


The primary touring area is Western Pennsylvania with occasional performances throughout PA, OH, NJ, WV, and NY. 


Compensation for rehearsals and occasional administrative and/or tech duties (responding to fan mail, creating and repairing props, etc.) is $13.50 an hour. Compensation for performances is $50 for shows that require load in/load out and $35 for shows that do not (i.e. a second performance in the same location). Per diem and lodging is provided for all overnights (these are rare). 


Touring Actors are required to live in the Pittsburgh area but housing is not provided. Reliable transportation is a must as there will be early morning calls and actors ride to performances together in the Saltworks van.


Rehearsals begin in early September, are generally held from 9:00-3:00, and will include training on social issues, question and answer sessions, and non-performance duties as well as participation in team-building activities.


After the rehearsal period ends, the tour is on the road without a director or stage manager.  Shows and accommodations are booked through the office but the actors serve as crew, driver, stage manager, etc. Actors are responsible for loading, unloading, and driving the tour van, setting up and tearing down the set and sound equipment, performing a variety of forty five minute plays for school audiences, and facilitating Q&A sessions with students after each performance.  Each tour member is assigned a non-performance job but all members work together as a team. They are responsible for maintaining good working relationships with one another and communication with the tour manager.  Because of the physical and emotional demands of touring, all tour members must be in good health.  


After each performance, a brief question and answer period is held during which students ask questions about the show and the actors lead them in discussion. Actors are trained on how to engage the audience in conversation and handle difficult questions.     


Since Saltworks staff work closely with children and teens to educate them about healthy choices, employees must sign a Statement of Integrity. They must also submit PA Clearances for working with children (Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance & Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check).

Tour actors must also obtain their Covid-19 and flu vaccinations and submit a driving record from their state of residence. 

Have any questions about auditions?