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Call (412) 621-6150 x-201 or e-mail us to schedule your school assembly!

Saltworks School Assemblies

Our school assemblies are performed by professional actors and run 45-50 minutes in length. Each performance is followed by a 10-15 minute Q & A session which invites students to explore the issues further.

Teacher guides, containing pre- and post-show classroom exercises, are provided free of charge to prepare students for the school assembly show and stimulate communication around the issues.

Saltworks travels throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey performing school assemblies.

Assembly costs depend on the total number booked and the travel distance.

Call for pricing on shows. 412-621-6150 x-201.

Accommodation fees are applicable for shows further than 100 miles. We also offer workshops with the actors to reinforce the issues addressed in our school assemblies, as well as specialized actor training.

Click here for more information on the plays offered as school assemblies.

Call (412) 621-6150 or e-mail us to schedule your school assembly!

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