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These schools brought a Saltworks assembly to their students. Read what they said…

“This was one of the best educational performances ever! My students were thoroughly entertained. Please keep West Mifflin in mind for future performances.”
– Principal, West Mifflin

“Rich content, perfect length for 3-5 grade group, immediately applicable to real world situations, particularly in a school setting.”
– Pittsburgh Whittier

“Topic of today’s play was right on target.”
– Lenape Technical School

“The actors were very professional and did a wonderful job. The students really enjoyed their characters. The Q & A afterward went very well. The actors did a very good job engaging students and answering their questions.”
– Pittsburgh Carmalt

“You did such an awesome job at our school…I am delighted with the two wonderful presentations.”
– North American Martyrs

“Students were able to relate to the topic especially since it goes with our Olweus curriculum.”
– Big Beaver Elementary School

“Dialogue after the show is the strength of the performance. Great show!!”
– Pittsburgh Spring Hill

“Don’t Be Rude, Dude was a very enjoyable performance. It clearly stated its purpose.”
– Pittsburgh Spring Hill

“The production, as always, was well done!!”
– Pittsburgh King K-8

“The students were active participants. The cast was very engaging and enthusiastic.”
– Burgettstown Area Elementary School

“Students were engaged from start to finish. Great play!!”
– Bethlehem-Center Elementary School

“Your presentation titled ‘Don’t Be Rude, Dude’ was wonderful. It was very engaging for the students. I have heard many positive comments regarding the presentation.”
– Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5

“The staff at ATA were receptive and appreciative of the proactive curriculum provided electronically by Saltworks. It provided staff and students an overall preview of what to anticipate from the educational drama.”
– Pittsburgh Allegheny 6-8

“I believe this has to be the best assembly I have seen in all my 22 years as an educator. Saltworks dealt with a very real problem in a way that our students could relate. The program was very real, human, and down to earth. Bravo to Saltworks for an amazing performance on this issue.”
– Guidance Counselor, Hollidaysburg Area Senior High

“You have a great production. I believe that our students not only enjoy it each year, but also learn from it as well. Thank you!”
– Burgettstown Area Middle High School

“The performance felt very real to watch which is important since middle school students struggle when something seems fake and childish. We really appreciated the talk afterward and wish we had more time!”
– Winchester Thurston

“I love the Saltworks productions as they are professionally produced and inspire courageous conversations.”
– Pittsburgh Beechwood

“The presentation was very appropriate for the current times and I believe it will have an impact on students. The Saltworks group is very good at delivering messages that are relevant, timely, and necessary for young people to hear over and over again.”
– Principal, Burgettstown Junior Senior High School

“The students and staff loved the performance and I would highly recommend other schools to invite this company in for an assembly. The students benefit from the core values that are taught and the play helps in implementing character education.”
– Pittsburgh Liberty

“As a teacher, you’re always looking to make a good impression on the students. But students can’t always relate to teachers, especially when it comes to how students should be acting in school. That’s where Saltworks Theatre comes in! Instead of being told what to do, students were able to see different situations play out right in front of their eyes! They saw a situation turn out not so good, and then were given the chance to see a situation play out where everyone involved is making the right decision. Saltworks was able to show the students kindness and how to use it in real life situations.”
– Pittsburgh Fulton

“It was such a good teaching tool! Our kids really *really* needed to see that!”
– Pittsburgh Fulton

“Each actor was ‘all in’. They gave wonderful, enthusiastic performances.”
– Pittsburgh Banksville

“I had students at every grade level comment to me that they enjoyed the play. The production was excellent. Our students laughed at appropriate times and seemed engaged for the entire time. Student questions were thoughtfully answered. The actors were high energy and had great rapport with the various age groups.”
Pittsburgh Beechwood

“This is the best program I have ever seen!”
– Superintendent, North Allegheny School District

“Wonderful performance! Instant rapport with the students! It felt as if the scriptwriters had been taking notes on our playground. Very accurate portrayal of verbal and emotional bullying.”
– A teacher

“Always great and one of the most well-received programs in the school year (by both students and teachers)”
Pittsburgh Weil Pre K-5

“Saltworks’ production was wonderful; very effective and efficient when setting up and performing the play. The students and staff loved the performance and I would highly recommend other schools to invite this company in for an assembly. The students benefit from the core values that are taught and the play helps in implementing character education.”
Pittsburgh Liberty K-5

“The play allowed us all to get over that initial hurdle and set the stage for open and honest dialogue.”
– School Counselor, Shadyside Academy

“Thank you for providing this program to our students. The actors were very talented, hilarious, engaging, and professional.”
Concord Elementary School

“The students support each other and stick up for each other if they notice someone is being bullied. There is a sense of empathy that the students now have whenever they see someone being bullied.”
– A Butler school administrator, pointing out differences in the school after the students saw Star Power, a show about bullying and cultural differences

“The play was really great and the actors actually acted like kids…it made the audience pay much better attention and talk about it after.”
– 7th grader at St. Bede School

“We keep having you back because you have a quality product and are great to work with. Today was no exception. The cast kept 800 kids involved and quiet for an hour, no small task.”
– Rancocas Valley HS

“This show targeted our entire population. Bullying is an issue that children deal with in all schools and the show highlighted simple ways that students can apply to reduce bullying behaviors.”
– Penn-Bernville ES

“The actors were very professional. I found the play to be entertaining as well as thought provoking. The 7th and 8th graders were enthralled. Excellent job! I look forward to another performance.”
– Prospect MS

“Outstanding performance. The cast was well informed and insightful when answering questions.”
– Schiller Classical Academy

“The play, as well as the actors, gets better and better each year.”
– Spring Hill ES

“There is an old adage that the best instruction is that which teaches as it pleases. I have always believed that to be true and this assembly program was a prime example of just how effective that method can be. Certainly the students will remember the music, the skits, and the way in which they laughed and participated, but deep inside, they have also learned valuable lessons that every aspect of this program was geared to convey. It was teaching at its best.”
– Lakeland Jr-Sr High

“The ninth grade can be a typically difficult audience but you had them in the palm of your hand from the first minute with your professionalism and in the way that the students could identify with each character. I would definitely recommend this play for any middle/high school and would schedule your company again.”
– Principal, Ringgold HS

“Saltworks performance of Queen Bee was superb. The cast’s ability to delve into the mindset of a ten-year old was outstanding. Without being mushy, it literally brought tears to my eyes when I saw so vividly what some of my students face at school.”
– Phillips ES

“The students, staff, and administration of Pittsburgh Woolslair love Saltworks plays!”
– Pittsburgh Woolslair K-5

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We are also thankful for these positive responses from some of our other patrons:

“Drew the students in right from the start.”
– Assistant Principal

“Excellent! The congregation was very responsive.”
– Holiday Park United Methodist

“The acting was superb, the characterization wonderful.”
– Lebanon Presbyterian

“Thanks for telling us the truth about why we should say “NO”.
– Senior, Taylor Allderdice High School

“Your group’s presentation of Dragons was the most important part of our program last year.”
– Director, Mon Valley Health Program

“Saltworks brings inspirational messages of hope and tangible skills for living a healthier, safer life.”
– Pittsburgh Student Services Office

“Saltworks told the story in a manner so charming and fresh that I thought I was hearing it for the first time.”
– Fox Chapel Episcopal

“The performance put new clothing on the age old message of God’s grace…Saltworks people were wonderful to work with.”
– Zion Lutheran

“The impact of the play and performers were so outstanding that I feel no literature or classroom discussion could ever come close to it.”
– Guidance Counselor, Chestnut Ridge Middle School

“If the world were made up of people with your caring philosophy what a great place it would be… thank you again for helping me make our schools a safer place for kids to learn.”
– Elementary Guidance Counselor

“Kids were annoying me and I did what you said – I ignored and moved away. During class a kid took something of mine and I warned him and he gave it back to me. Your tips really worked.”
– Fourth Grader, Pittsburgh

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