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Grades K-5   The issues: Bullies, Targets, Bystanders,Character


Introduction: We meet Robbie who is starting to feel the pressure of academics, sports, and the complexity of having a less “popular” friend.

StandUpScene One:  Robbie and Jimmy are confronted by three bullies—Francine and Tessa and their leader, Chad—who try to convince Robbie to join their “group”. They make it abundantly clear that Jimmy is not receiving the invitation, and point out Jimmy’s trumpet case as a clear sign that he’s not cool enough to hang out with them. When Robbie figures out that these aren’t the kind of kids he’d like to be friends with, he leaves Jimmy to go to the vending machine. Without Robbie’s protection, the bullies make a move to intimidate and threaten Jimmy. They leave Jimmy on the floor, feeling berated and discouraged. When Robbie returns, Jimmy downplays the situation.

Scene Two:  Robbie comes home from school later than usual. His mom, concerned, finally gets him to divulge that he’s discouraged by his “second string” status on the school football team. She also mentions the fact that she hasn’t seen Jimmy lately. Robbie doesn’t share much about the situation, but Mom senses that Jimmy may be lonely. She encourages Robbie to treat Jimmy how he’d want someone to treat him.

Scene Three:  We get more insight into Tessa and Francine’s characters—Tessa who is always texting is a weaker bully than Francine, and Francine takes advantage of Tessa’s eager-to-please attitude. When Chad enters, we see the girls slip back into their roles as bullies—Chad initiates a game of Wall Ball, and purposely excludes Jimmy. Robbie intervenes and defuses the situation, and advises Jimmy to stand up for himself.

Scene Four:  It’s the day before Spirit Week and the Bullies have a new plan—convince Jimmy that Monday is Pajama Day. They inform him that it’s a secret, and that only the “coolest kids” are participating. Robbie has an opportunity to stand up for Jimmy and prevent the situation from escalating, but he is physically threatened by the bullies and he lets the opportunity pass him by.

Scene Five:  Robbie and Mom have another heart to heart—this time, Mom’s been filled in by Jimmy’s mom. Mom asks Robbie if there’s anything he can do to help Jimmy out, and reminds him of a simple solution—do for Jimmy what Jimmy would do for him. Would Jimmy stand up for Robbie, or would he stand by? Robbie confirms that Jimmy would stand up. He makes the decision to tell Jimmy about Pajama Day being a trap…but time gets away from him, and before he knows it, it’s Monday morning.

Scene Six:  Jimmy arrives at school for Pajama Day, but he’s the only one dressed for the occasion. 

Scene Seven:  Tessa is texting as many people as possible in an hour to gain Chad’s attention. Francine arrives and informs Tessa that she is “out”, but when Chad arrives and Tessa has done his homework for him, he proclaims that Francine is the one who is “out”. Francine leaves frantically…but not before Chad swipes her cell phone from her pocket while she isn’t looking. Chad breaks Francine’s cell phone, and reveals to Robbie that he has a plan to get Jimmy in big trouble. Jimmy arrives and Chad asks him to help out with Francine’s broken cell phone. Jimmy agrees to help and is attempting to reassemble the broken phone when Francine arrives. She is furious when Chad informs her that Jimmy has broken the phone, and she threatens Jimmy with violence. Robbie finally stands up for his friend, and tells Francine the truth. Francine, undaunted, threatens to go to the principal and tell him that Jimmy broke the phone. Chad reminds Robbie that the count is three against two…until Tessa finally stands up as well. Robbie informs Chad that the count is now three against two in Jimmy’s favor. Francine and Chad leave frustrated. With Tessa newly freed from her ties to the bullies, the new friends promise to stop standing by, and to start standing up.


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