School Shows – Queen Bee


Grades K-5   The issues: Bruisers, Stingers, Bully Buddies, Character


Scene One: Max enters through the audience, on the lookout for two neighborhood bullies who make his life miserable. He talks about how bullies sting and bruise with their words. Kristin and her brother Brad arrive and begin picking on Max. Max’s friend Jon decides to be a bully buddy and not intervene.

Scene Two: On the school play ground the students talk about the upcoming field trip to a bee farm where they will present their HPIM0217ascience projects on bees. The best report will win a free family pass to the science center. Students begin to choose teams for a kickball game. Max tells the audience how much it hurts to always be the last one picked.

Scene Three: In Kristin’s home we learn what is behind some of her anger and aggression. Her parents don’t get along and her dad likes to pick on her. The family discussion reveals that Kristin is allergic to bee stings and carries medicine with her at all times in case she is ever stung.

Scene Four: Kristin enters the family computer room to find her brother Bradley hogging the computer. Their conversation about violent video games and TV shows reveals why bullies choose a first-strike attitude. We also see where Kristin learns some of her bullying behavior as she is bullied by an older brother.

Scene Five: During the school bus ride to the bee farm Kristin breaks Max’s science project and a fight erupts. Kristin loses her medicine and Max learns an important lesson from the bus driver about how most bullies continue to hurt others, even when they grow older.

Scene Six: At the bee farm the students present their science projects. Kristin gets upset when Stephanie wins first prize. Kristin knocks over a bee hive to get back at her classmates only to be stung herself. Max must decide to help Kristin or let her suffer for all the mean things she has done to him.

Scene Seven: On the bus ride back to the school the students lead the audience in a song about replacing bullying actions and words with kindness and respect.

Scene Eight: In the school cafeteria Max confronts Bradley about stealing his lunch money. Max and Jon teach everyone how to deal with bullies: IGNORE and walking away, TELL a bully or and an adult how you feel, and HELP those who are about to become victims. Max also helps Bradley understand how to “chill out” when he feels like picking on someone.

Scene Nine: At the bus stop Kristin shows how she’s learned to treat others with kindness and respect. All the cast members reinforce the lessons of the show and begin a Q & A with the students.

“Your presentation was one of the most professional, topical and thoroughly enjoyable performances ever shown to our children.”
– Elementary School Teacher

Bring a Saltworks play to your students and watch them use their imagination to resolve conflict, reach out for new healthy relationships, and discover hope for their lives!

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