School Shows – Fire Drill


A play about peer pressure, media image, and self-esteem for Grades 7-10


Introduction: This show follows the story of 4 students: Keller, Brandon, Megan, and Michael. It depicts the events preceding, during, and following a fire drill at their school. Other characters are a Narrator, Mr. Radloff (the biology teacher), and Brittany, the most popular girl in school.

FireDrillPrologue: The opening scene is the fire drill itself. We see Keller stealing a rat from the biology lab to put in Brittany’s locker. As she leaves, Michael enters, being chased by Brandon. When the fire alarm goes off, Brandon flees and Michael is saved from an inevitable beating. Megan then enters and attempts to steal a test. Mr. Radloff, who is returning with Keller’s dissected rat, catches Megan. He finds a note linking the test to Brandon. He escorts Megan out as the fire drill ends. The Narrator enters and informs the audience that this may be confusing now but it will make sense later. The show proceeds to tell the stories of the individual students and how all the events led up to the fire drill.

Keller’s Story: Keller’s full name is Keller Whalen and she loathes the fact that everyone calls her Killer Whale. She explains how Megan used to be her friend but has since abandoned her for more “popular” friends. When a bully makes fun of her, Megan begins to feel self-conscious about her body. She takes a picture of her backside to see if it really is huge. After Keller confides in her, Megan steals it and gives it to Britney who has it blown up and pasted all over school and the web. Keller feels like she is living in a clone world where everyone is forced to be exactly alike. She decides to retaliate by putting a rat in Brittany’s locker.

Brandon’s Story: Brandon begins his story by saying how he was caught for cheating during the fire drill but it was not his fault. Megan embarassed Brandon in front of his friend Ryan. Brandon has a temper and he physically hurts Megan but he quickly apologizes and sweet talks her into stealing a biology test for him. Michael Higgins overhears them talking and Brandon is concerned that he will ruin his plans. He decides that Michael will need to be kept quiet. He feels that school is like a war zone.

Megan’s Story: Megan is confused about her identity. We see Brittany telling her who she can and can’t invite to her party. She also tells Megan that she should date Brandon. When Brandon hurts Megan, she wants to break up with Brandon but fears being ostracized. Megan sees her life like an episode of Survivor and she is worried about being voted off. To prevent this she steals Keller’s photo for Brittany, and for Brandon she agrees to get a copy of the test.

Michael’s Story: Michael is often picked on by other boys. Michael explains how Keller, Megan, and he used to be friends as we flashback to a moment from their childhood. Michael decides that he needs to stand up for what’s right so he decides to confront Brandon about his part in the distribution of Keller’s photo. Brandon threatens Michael who is scared for his safety. He tried to do the right thing but no one listened. He feels invisible.

Conclusion: The narrator recaps and we watch the opening fire drill scene again. This time it all makes sense. The show continues with what happens after the fire drill. Michael talks to Keller and convinces her to confront Megan about Brandon’s abusiveness. Keller speaks with Megan and encourages her to end things with Brandon. Megan decides to break up with Brandon and risk Brittany’s wrath. Michael learns that speaking out can help. Keller finds a better way to channel her frustration. All this, because of a fire drill.

Bring a Saltworks play to your students and watch them use their imagination to resolve conflict, reach out for new healthy relationships, and discover hope for their lives!

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