Saltworks Theatre regularly receives commissions to produce new plays addressing important health, safety, and social issues. The purpose of these plays is to motivate individuals to move toward healthy lifestyles, attitudes, and activities. Saltworks, in collaboration with other community agencies, strives to develop innovative, new works that will help make our communities a safer and healthier place to live. The following is a sample list of plays Saltworks was privileged to write and produce:

IN THEIR SHOES Written by Scott W. Kirk Commissioned by Penn State Altoona Office of Student Affairs

This play was requested by Dr. Joy Himmel, Director of the Health and Wellness Center of Penn State Altoona. It was presented to the campus faculty and staff in conjunction with an interactive web-based program. “In Their Shoes” is one important step on the path to removing the hidden barriers that impact us all. As educators, it is important for us to embrace the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act by creating an inclusive learning environment that is empowering and supportive of the needs of our students and employees with disabilities. Whether we realize it or not, we all encounter individuals with disabilities in our daily lives. From our classrooms and offices to the dining hall and social events, we will interact with students and fellow colleagues who are disabled. Some of these disabilities will be readily apparent and many others will be much less visible. The mission of “In Their Shoes” is to provide you with a convenient and interactive mechanism to enhance your level of knowledge, skills, and comfort in interacting with these individuals.

COMING HOME Written by Scott W. Kirk Commissioned by the Homeless Children and Family Emergency Fund

Requested by Dr. Joseph Lagana, Founder of HC/FEF, “Coming Home” depicts the plight and promise of homeless children. Research for the play involved interviews with women in a Pittsburgh area homeless shelter. The play follows the lives of a mother and daughter who move into a shelter because of an abusive situation at home. The difficulties that come with that decision forces both of them to appreciate those offering them assistance. At the shelter the daughter becomes friends with another girl who was forced out of her home by fire. Throughout the play the mother learns that homelessness can happen to anyone, regardless of economic or social status. It is estimated that each year approximately 1.2 million children are made homeless. In Allegheny County, PA over 2,000 children live in shelters or temporary housing. Coming Home has performed at a fund raiser for the Family Emergency Fund and to students at area middle schools. The play has received many accolades for its accurate portrayal of the challenges facing homeless families.

WHAT IF YOU’RE THE ONE? Written by John Henry Redwood Commissioned by Allegheny General Hospital

This remarkable play was written by Mr. Redwood, in memory of his mother who died of breast cancer. “What If You’re The One?” is most often presented to those at greatest risk – women, minorities, and those of low income status. Set in the church basement of a Pittsburgh church, the play encourages women to have early mammograms and use other methods for early detection of breast cancer. The playwright believes that his art can make a difference in other people’s lives as they confront the stereotypes and misconceptions which surround breast cancer. The play initially toured Pittsburgh area community centers. Additional performances throughout West Virginia were the result of collaboration with the Wheeling, WV YWCA. If you would like to commission Saltworks to write and produce an original play for your organization contact Norma Alrutz at 412-621-6150 x 201. We’ll schedule a free consultation to explore script ideas. The play process involves the following elements:
  • Research and Interviews
  • 1-3 page single spaced Synopsis of Characters and Story Outline
  • 5-10 page Scene-by-Scene Treatment
  • Staged Reading prior to production
  • Casting, Directing and Production if requested

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