School Shows – Don’t Be Rude, Dude!


Grades K-5    The issues: Manners, Bullying, Character


The narrator introduces the audience to Rudy, who is one rude dude, and lets them know that he’s going to need their help to teach Rudy about good manners and how to treat others.

Scene One:
While watching Rudy at breakfast with his family, the audience learns about table manners, punctuality, and showing gratitude. The narrator introduces the first of five power words: thank you.

Scene Two:
Rudy’s inconsiderate interactions with his classmates lead to the
introduction of two more power words (excuse me and I’m sorry) after he runs into Penny and wrecks her science project.Rude1

Scene Three:
Rudy’s bad behavior in the cafeteria includes butting in line, gossiping, interrupting, and complaining. The audience sees how Rudy’s behaviors leave him isolated and are introduced to the fourth power word: please.

Scene Four:
In addition to poor sportsmanship in gym class, Rudy loses control and ends up injuring a classmate. The audience learns about sharing and the importance of proper apologies.

Scene Five:
Rudy returns home with a letter from the school about his bad behavior. In addition to getting into trouble, he rudely turns down a gift from his little sister. The final power word (you’re welcome) is introduced.

Scene Six:
That night, Rudy dreams of a place where he thinks he’ll fit in and be appreciated: Rudesville Elementary. After spending time with the Rude Dude Club, though, he realizes that they are no fun to be around. He turns to the audience for help, and with their assistance and the five power words, he scares the Rude Dude Club off.

Rude2Scene Seven:

After waking up, Rudy realizes that maybe good manners are important after all. After reflecting on his own bad behavior and with some input from the audience, he decides that it is the reason he is lonely and always getting into trouble. He decides that since it is a new day it is the perfect time to change his ways.


Scene Eight:
Rudy goes through another day at home and school applying his newly learned good manners. His family and classmates respond positively and Rudy gets through the entire day happily and without getting into trouble.

Scene Nine:
The audience learns that Rudy’s life improved after he started using good manners. The power words are reviewed and the audience is encouraged by Rudy to use good manners as well.

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 Don’t Be Rude, Dude!

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