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Saltworks Theatre is pleased to present stories of faith that explore the spiritual dimensions of life through drama and candpprofessional performances have encouraged thousands of people of all ages. Our plays are filled with hope… the hope that comes from making life-affirming choices. We look forward to sharing our theatre of hope with you.The Saltworks Players repertory includes several shows that cover various topics. Occasionally we produce a show that is strictly scripture. Previously, we produced the Gospel of Mark. The script was a dramatic storytelling from the NIV version of the Bible. Over the years, we have also produced and performed the Book of Jonah and the Book of Ruth. Each show was true to scripture, adding only culturally authentic music to help the audience understand time, place, and context. We view Scripture as the best and foremost script for telling a story and we have enjoyed our adventure in performing it.

What our patrons say . . .

“The acting was superb, the characterization wonderful.”
Lebanon Presbyterian

“Excellent! The congregation was very responsive.”
Holiday Park United Methodist

“Saltworks told the story in a manner so charming and fresh that I thought I was hearing it for the first time.”
Fox Chapel Episcopal

“Saltworks people were wonderful to work with.”
Zion Lutheran

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